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Get ready to add some leafy drama! Trailing and hanging plants are like waterfalls of green, perfect for bringing life to shelves, corners, or macramé...

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A trailing plant is often a fantastic and easy way to introduce greenery and foliage in a small space. They are also a must if you are looking to bring tropical, jungle vibes into your home. A cascading indoor plant can be hung in hanging plant pots or positioned on a shelf allowing them to hang over.

With a clean, minimalistic look becoming ever more popular – hanging your foliage in a wall or ceiling mounted plant hanger brings a little zen into your home without cluttering the surfaces.

Many hanging house plants filter toxins from the air, whilst some even improve the humidity in your home. Indoor plants are good for you! Encourage an atmosphere of calm with a wonderful trailing house plant.

You can order hanging or trailing house plants on our website for national house plant delivery. Take a look through our indoor plant range below.

Why Buy Trailing and Hanging Houseplants Online

Discover the beauty of vertical greenery with our extensive collection of trailing and hanging houseplants. Whether you're captivated by the intricate beads of String of Pearls or the vibrant foliage of Devil's Ivy, offers an extensive range for every taste and home decor style. Elevate your living spaces literally and figuratively with our exceptional range.

Trailing and Hanging Houseplant Delivery

We understand that trailing and hanging plants have unique needs, especially during transportation. That's why we offer express delivery to ensure your plants arrive in prime condition. Whether it's the delicate tendrils of Wandering Dude or the cascading leaves of Pothos, you can trust us to deliver your plants safely and swiftly.

Why Choose for Your Trailing and Hanging Houseplants

With a reputation backed by over 2,000 positive reviews, you can rely on for quality and variety. Alongside popular options like Devil's Ivy and String of Pearls, we also stock less common but equally stunning varieties. And with each purchase, you receive comprehensive care guides, tailored to your chosen plant, to help you succeed in your indoor gardening journey.

Caring for Trailing and Hanging Houseplants

Caring for your trailing and hanging plants doesn't have to be a daunting task. We provide specific care guides for each plant variety, making it easier for you to keep them thriving. Whether it's the optimal watering frequency for your String of Pearls or the light requirements for your Devil's Ivy, you'll find all the information you need included with your purchase.

Benefits of Trailing and Hanging Houseplants

Besides their undeniable aesthetic appeal, trailing and hanging plants like Wandering Dude and Pothos also offer health benefits, such as air purification. Additionally, the act of caring for these beautiful plants can bring psychological benefits like reduced stress and increased focus. When you buy from, you're investing in more than just a plant; you're elevating your well-being and home ambiance.

Most Common Trailing and Hanging Houseplant Questions

How Do I Hang My Trailing Plants?

Your trailing plants can be hung using plant hangers, mounted wall hooks, or even placed on high shelves. Each plant from comes with a guide to help you choose the best method for your specific variety.

Can I Keep Trailing and Hanging Plants in Low Light?

Certain trailing plants like Devil's Ivy are highly adaptable and can tolerate low light conditions. Our product descriptions and care guides provide specific light requirements for each variety.

How Often Should I Water My Trailing Plants?

Watering frequency varies among trailing plants. For instance, String of Pearls prefers less frequent watering compared to Devil's Ivy. Each purchase from includes tailored watering instructions.

How Do I Prune My Trailing Plants?

Pruning helps promote bushier growth and better health. Our care guides include specific tips on when and how to prune your particular plant variety.

Are Trailing and Hanging Plants Safe for Pets?

Safety varies by species. For instance, Devil's Ivy is toxic to pets. Always check the safety information included with each plant or consult our customer service for advice.