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Succulents: The coolest and...
Succulents: The coolest and easiest plants around! With their quirky shapes and colours, they add instant personality to any room. Perfect for those of us...

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Succulents make fabulous house plants! They are generally super easy to care for, whilst being great air-purifying plants. They do this by taking in carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen.

By choosing a succulent as your next house plant, you’re choosing an easy to care for plant that stores water in the leaves. Perfect if you are away from home for a few days  - they will cope just fine with being watered a little less frequently. For a real geeky plant-parent moment… The name ‘succulent’ comes from the Latin ‘Succulentus’ which can be translated loosely as ‘having juice’.

The great thing with having a succulent as an indoor plant is that they really do offer their own art in your home or office. Each has a different display to offer, so if you’re looking for a sculptural, designer or interesting plant to give house space to – then a succulent house plant is perfect for you.  

You can order succulent house plants on our website for national house plant delivery. Take a look through our indoor plant range below.

Discover the Alluring World of Succulent Plants at

Embark on a botanical journey with our exquisite collection of succulent plants at Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned plant lover, our succulent selection, including favourites like Aloe Vera and Echeveria, promises to add a touch of resilience and beauty to your space.

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Succulents are beloved for their ease of care, and we extend this simplicity to their delivery. Opt for our express delivery service to have your new succulents swiftly transported to your doorstep, safely encased in specially-designed packaging that ensures their pristine arrival.

Why is Your Go-To for Succulent Plants

As endorsed by over 2,000 reviews, is a trusted supplier of succulent plants, boasting a diverse collection of over 100 varieties. Each succulent comes with a detailed care guide to help even the most novice plant enthusiasts to grow their green thumb.

Caring for Your Succulent Plants from

The art of succulent care is easy to master with our comprehensive guides. From the perfect watering schedule to the ideal soil pH, we provide you with all the know-how needed to nurture your succulents, ensuring they stay vibrant and healthy.

The Enduring Benefits of Succulent Plants from

Succulent plants are more than just a trendy home décor choice. They are miniature warriors of sustainability, requiring minimal water and maintenance. Their ability to purify the air and improve humidity levels makes them a smart addition to any home or office environment.

Common Questions about Succulent Plants Answered by

How Often Should I Water My Succulent Plants?

Overwatering is a succulent’s foe. Our care guides offer species-specific advice to ensure you provide just the right amount of hydration.

Do Succulent Plants from Need Direct Sunlight?

While most succulents adore sunlight, we provide guidelines on the exact amount needed for each variety to prosper.

Are Succulent Plants Suitable for Offices?

Absolutely! Our succulents are versatile and can brighten up any workspace with minimal fuss.

What Type of Pot is Best for Succulent Plants?

Our care instructions include tips on pot material and drainage to keep your succulents happy.

Can I Propagate Succulent Plants from

Yes, many succulents can be propagated. We provide step-by-step guidance on how to expand your succulent collection.