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Anacampseros 'Sunrise'

Sunrise Succulent

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Happy in both light & shade
Low water requirements
Express delivery service
This magnificent, sunrise-esque succulent is a rosette of dreams. Originating from the sunny lands of Southern Africa, this lovely Anacampseros 'Sunrise' plant is blessed with vivid colours and a gentle heart. If you're not all that confident with succulents, this one could make for a perfect companion as it's super easy to care for!

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Average Plant Height Below 10 cm
Internal Pot Diameter 5 cm
Botanical Names Anacampseros 'Sunrise'
Other Names Sunrise Plant, Sunrise Succulent
Pet Friendly Not pet friendly
Air Purifying Not an air purifying plant
Water Requirements Low water requirements
Light Requirements Happy in both light & shade

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Other Names For Sunrise Succulent Houseplant

Anacampseros 'Sunrise', Sunrise Plant and Sunrise Succulent.

Houseplant & Indoor Plant Care

Sunrise Succulent Care Guide

This colourful sunrise succulent is super easy to love and care for! Simply place it in a spot with bright/moderate indirect sun and water once the soil has dried.

Sunrise Succulent Light & Water Requirements

I have Low water requirements and I am Happy in both light & shade.

House Plant Freshness Guarantee

Houseplant Freshness Guarantee

We only deliver the highest quality houseplants & indoor plants. We are so confident in our plants we give them a 14 day freshness guarantee.

Learn More About Sunrise Succulent

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What is the Sunrise Succulent Known For?

The Sunrise Succulent, officially known as Anacampseros 'Sunrise', is coveted for its stunning rosette formation and vibrant colour palette. Its leaves can range from shades of pink to green and even yellow, creating a visually captivating display. This succulent is often chosen for its low maintenance requirements and its ability to add a pop of colour to any spac

What Is the History of the Sunrise Succulent?

The Sunrise Succulent is a hybrid succulent, making it a relatively new addition to the world of houseplants. It is a part of the Anacampseros genus, which comprises various succulent species native to South Africa. The 'Sunrise' cultivar has been specifically bred for its vibrant colours and ease of care, making it a popular choice among succulent enthusiasts.

Where Does the Sunrise Succulent Originate?

Anacampseros 'Sunrise' is a hybrid cultivar, but its parent plants are native to the arid regions of South Africa. In its natural habitat, this genus of plants has adapted to harsh, dry conditions, which makes the Sunrise Succulent a hardy choice for indoor cultivation.

How Do You Care for a Sunrise Succulent?

Caring for a Sunrise Succulent is fairly straightforward. It thrives in well-draining soil and should be placed in a location that receives plenty of bright, indirect light. Overwatering is a common mistake; it's best to allow the soil to dry out between waterings. During the growing season, you can apply a diluted, balanced fertiliser to encourage growth.

Are Sunrise Succulent Toxic to Pets?

The Sunrise Succulent is generally considered to be non-toxic to pets. However, as with any plant, it's best to keep it out of reach of curious pets to prevent any potential digestive issues. While not poisonous, some animals might experience mild stomach upset if they ingest the leaves.