Collection: Fern Plants

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Bring a little woodland magic into your home with a beautiful fern plant. With a huge array of fern plant types to choose from you’re sure to find the perfect fronds for you.

Ferns love the moist air in bathrooms & kitchens making them an ideal house plant. A happy fern will have rich foliage, by enjoying the humidity of your home. Fern plants also make perfect plants for terrariums. A

fern is typically easy to grow and adds elegance to your home or office. They don’t much fancy a dry air, so if your home is a little dry simply spritz with water a couple of times a week to increase humidity levels.

Ferns often prefer a less bright spot, so if you’ve a corner that is a little bear and a little dull – a fern is the perfect house plant for you.

You can order fern house plants on our website for national house plant delivery. Take a look through our indoor plant range below.