Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is

We are a dedicated online retailer specialising in Houseplants and Indoor Plants.  Despite being a relatively new company, we have quickly established ourselves as one of the largest online retailers of Houseplants and Indoor Plants in the UK.

If you're unsure about our products or services, just take a look at our review page. Our customers have left many positive comments about their experiences with us, and we're confident you'll be impressed too.


When Will My Order Be Dispatched?

We always aim to be our usual speedy selves, working hard to get your order ready as soon as possible. Normally we can process your order within 1-3 working days; please bear in mind that during peak and busy times, it may take us a bit longer to get to your order. We take ever care with our packing methods to ensure every plant reaches you securely and safely.

We dispatch Monday - Thursday. 99% of our orders are dispatched the next/following dispatch day after you have placed your order. (If you place your order Thursday Afternoon - Sunday, your order will be dispatched as a priority on the following Monday). 

All orders are dispatched as quickly as possible and we work to dispatch orders within 1 -3 working days (Monday-Thursday). Your plants arriving in top condition is our priority, we aim to send out plants on a 24 hour service with our trusted couriers. You will receive an order confirmation and dispatch confirmation to confirm when your parcel is on it's way. The count-down for arrival can then begin! 


Can I Send A Plant As A Gift?

If you would like to place an order as a gift, you are more than welcome to. We send lots of plant gift deliveries every week. All of our plants are packaged in the same way, with wrapping to protect the plant, which doubles as a surprise reveal if it is a gift. The email associated with the account will be the only one notified of the progress for the order- the recipient will not be aware of your thoughtful gift until it arrives on their doorstep.


Can I Add A Gift Message?

Visit your shopping basket to add your card message. Underneath your shopping list there is an option to click to add a card message to your order. Card messages are hand written by our Team on a small card and enclosed in an envelope. Don’t worry if you forget to add a message, you can email us at to notify us - we will work our very hardest to add this to your parcel if it hasn’t already been shipped.

When you add a gift message to your order, we do not include an itemised invoice in the box. 


Where Are The Plants Grown? 

Our plants are grown all over the world, with the majority of them coming from Europe. Our most notable sources are Italy, Holland, and France. We work closely and continuously behind the scenes with all of international growing partners on reducing our carbon footprint during the import of our fresh plants. 


I'm Not In The UK, Can I Order From Abroad? 

We're pleased to be able to accept orders from International Customers.

Please do not worry, you will receive the order confirmation to your email address and we do not include an itemised invoice when you opt to include a card message with your order, so you gift can remain a surprise.

If you would like the recipient to know that the gift was from you, you can add a gift card message, or simply give them a call when they receive it.

You can track the delivery progress via the tracking link sent to you upon dispatch.


Do You Sell Plant Pots?

Yes, we offer a range of plant pots and planters, as well as plant books, and all your plant care essentials. Everything that you need in one place.


Do You Offer Wholesale Plant Supply?

We do not currently offer wholesale plants. We pride ourselves on focusing all of energy on providing the best personal service for our customers and their new additions to their plant collection. 


I'm Trying To Find A Specific Plant!

If you are looking for your specific plant variety you can contact us via email at: We will search our catalogue to see if we have it in stock or if it is on it's way to us from our suppliers. If it is a plant that we do not currently list on our website, we will contact our supplier to see if we can source it for you.

Once we have received confirmation from our growers, we will let you know the details by email.

As we have to order in bulk, we will need to take a pre-payment for the order, otherwise we cannot process the order with our supplier.

If we are unable to get your desired plant, we will search for the closest alternative in our range; you never know, you may stumble upon the perfect plant that you didn’t know you were looking for!


Corporate Gifting 

If you would like to place multiple orders for your Business Team or Clients, you are welcome to send us an email detailing the plants you would like to send. We will contact our supplier to place a large order if we do not have the quantity required in stock, and provide an estimated date of arrival to our warehouse. We will arrange a shipping date with you, and send an invoice via our payment provider (Shopify) prior to shipping your business house plant orders.

You will need to provide all of the shipping information for each of the recipients in an Excel file. We will also need your billing information to add onto the invoice.

We will process all of the orders manually from our HQ, this is so you do not have to go through the checkout yourself multiple times - making it a simpler process for you. We will notify you once all of the orders have been processed and are ready for shipment.


What Type Of Soil Are Your Plants Potted In?

Our growers use various growing mediums and methods when producing their house plants. Unfortunately we cannot provide exact ingredients that are in all of our plant's soil mixes - consider it almost like Grandma's secret recipe, it's not shared by the growers! 


How Has Brexit Affected Your Service?

We are operating relatively as normal, however, there are circumstances where items may be delayed during import or refused at Customs unexpectedly. Since the introduction of the new Plant Passport requirements since we left the EU, sometimes the stock can be rejected or delayed due to incorrect or insufficient paperwork by the Grower. Whilst they are working hard to ensure they meet all the criteria, it is still early days and they are still finding their feet with these new protocols. If any items on your order are delayed, we will notify you as soon as possible, and provide an estimated arrival date to our store. If all goes as planned, we will dispatch your order the day that we receive it.


My Plant Order Did Not Meet Quality Control Or Is Out Of Stock, What Next? 

Whilst we work hard to ensure this happens as infrequently as possible, we're just normal/human, planty people working with live goods. Some of these live goods are a little fickle by nature! If we are unable to provide you with a plant or sundry on your order, we will notify you via email as soon as we are processing your order. We will offer a choice of suitable alternatives, tailored to you, this is based of your preferences shown within your order and the missing item. We will not ship an alternative order without your consent.


What If I'm Not Happy With An Item On My Order?

We know it's frustrating when your online order doesn't quite go as planned. If you have any issues with your order, please notify us by email as soon as possible. Please include photos with your email to ensure we can rectify any concerns as quickly as possible for you. As we are working with a live product, we assess the individual scenarios and try to resolve, support, and offer guidance relative to the individual circumstances. Our top priority is your satisfaction and the care for all of our plants.

Please note: You will need to contact us within 7 days of receiving your order, we do not refund or replace after 7 days due to the environmental and atmospheric conditions in your plants new home.

You can email us at:


How Long Does Delivery Take?

Our shipment days are Monday - Thursday. We do not ship over the weekend as your plants will be kept in the depot with no access to water or light. This ensures your plants arrive in top condition! Our courier uses their 24-hour speedy delivery network. Although they work hard to meet this 24-hour quota, they estimated 24-48 hours, in case there are any unexpected delays during transit.