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Schlumbergera Bridgesii

Flowering Christmas Cactus

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Plant height & pot size
Happiest in direct sunlight
Low water requirements
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There's always a season for these wonderful flowering Cacti! Christmas Cactus and Easter Cactus as they are more commonly known, flower bountifully and are magically easy to keep. The flowers are typically rich, strong shades of pink, mauve or red, although sometimes can be found in whites and soft peaches. 

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Average Plant Height Plant height coming soon
Internal Pot Diameter 9 cmPink
Botanical Names Schlumbergera Bridgesii
Other Names Easter Cactus, Christmas Cactus, Flowering Cactus, Crab Cactus, Thanksgiving Cactus
Pet Friendly Pet friendly
Air Purifying Air purifying plant
Water Requirements Low water requirements
Light Requirements Happiest in direct sunlight

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Other Names For Flowering Christmas Cactus Houseplant

Schlumbergera Bridgesii, Easter Cactus, Christmas Cactus, Flowering Cactus, Crab Cactus, and Thanksgiving Cactus.

Houseplant & Indoor Plant Care

Flowering Christmas Cactus Care Guide

Moisture levels are important to the flowering cactus. Keep the soil slightly moist without excess water being left to sit as this will lead to root rot. A mild, or partially diluted plant food will encourage more blooms. Whilst this cactus enjoys a fair humidity, these are resilient and forgiving house plants that cope well in a variety of atmospheric conditions.

Flowering Christmas Cactus Light & Water Requirements

I have Low water requirements and I am Happiest in direct sunlight.

House Plant Freshness Guarantee

Houseplant Freshness Guarantee

We only deliver the highest quality houseplants & indoor plants. We are so confident in our plants we give them a 14 day freshness guarantee.

Learn More About Flowering Cactus

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What is the Flowering Cactus Known For?

The Flowering Cactus, or Schlumbergera Bridgesii, is a captivating plant that brings both texture and colour to your space. This cactus is unlike your typical desert-dwelling variety; it's a jungle cactus that bursts into vibrant blooms, usually around holiday seasons, adding a touch of drama and beauty to your home.

What Is the History of the Flowering Cactus?

This eye-catching plant has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century when it was discovered in the mountain ranges of Brazil. Named after the 19th-century French cacti collector Frédéric Schlumberger, the plant has been a popular choice for indoor decoration, especially during Christmas, earning it the nickname "Christmas Cactus."

Where Does the Flowering Cactus Originate?

The Schlumbergera Bridgesii is native to the cloud forests in Brazil. Unlike most cacti that are accustomed to arid climates, this one thrives in more humid conditions. Its natural habitat is typically under the canopy of trees, which is why it prefers indirect light when kept as a houseplant.

How Do You Care for a Flowering Cactus?

Caring for a Schlumbergera Bridgesii involves mimicking its natural jungle habitat to some extent. This means keeping it in well-draining soil and providing it with high humidity. While it needs less water than your typical houseplant, it will still need more than desert cacti. It prefers bright, indirect light and temperatures ranging from 60 to 70°F for optimal growth and flowering.

Are Flowering Cactus Toxic to Pets?

Good news for pet owners—this flowering cactus is considered non-toxic to both cats and dogs. That said, it's always wise to place any plant in a spot where your pets can't easily nibble on them, as ingestion could still cause minor digestive upset.