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Trumpet Pitcher Plant | Fly Catcher | Maroon

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Happiest in direct sunlight
Heavy water requirements
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An unusual plant with a bite. This carnivorous Maroon Trumpet Pitcher Plant adds a real sense of the wild to your home with strange erupting trumpets of red and green hues. A brilliant bog plant with jungle vibes and a bold look. Perfect for a windowsill, bright bathroom or kitchen. A useful plant that helps to keep the amount of flies under control whilst making a stunning statement with a feature plant! Individual Variety May Vary.

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Average Plant Height Plant height coming soon
Internal Pot Diameter 9 cm
Botanical Names Sarracenia
Other Names Trumpet Plant, Trumpet Pitcher Plant
Pet Friendly Pet friendly
Air Purifying Air purifying plant
Water Requirements Heavy water requirements
Light Requirements Happiest in direct sunlight

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Other Names For Trumpet Pitcher Plant Houseplant

Sarracenia, Trumpet Plant and Trumpet Pitcher Plant.

Houseplant & Indoor Plant Care

Trumpet Pitcher Plant Care Guide

This plant requires slightly more care that some others. As a carnivorous plant, they attract insects to feed off in the nectar rich pitchers. These plants love sunlight and enjoy being position in full sun. This plant must be kept permanently wet with rainwater, the only exception is during a winter resting period.

Trumpet Pitcher Plant Light & Water Requirements

I have Heavy water requirements and I am Happiest in direct sunlight.

House Plant Freshness Guarantee

Houseplant Freshness Guarantee

We only deliver the highest quality houseplants & indoor plants. We are so confident in our plants we give them a 14 day freshness guarantee.

Learn More About Trumpet Pitcher Plant

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What is the Trumpet Pitcher Plant Known For?

The Trumpet Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia, is celebrated for its carnivorous nature and distinctive, tube-shaped leaves that function as pitfall traps for insects. These impressive plants are a point of fascination due to their sophisticated mechanism for attracting, capturing, and digesting insects, making them a natural choice for those looking to control pests in a unique way.

What Is the History of the Trumpet Pitcher Plant?

Sarracenia, native to North America, particularly in regions with nutrient-poor, acidic soils, has been a subject of curiosity and study for centuries. It was documented by settlers when they first encountered it and has since been a plant that has intrigued botanists and horticulturists alike for its unusual insect-trapping abilities.

Where Does the Trumpet Pitcher Plant Originate?

The Trumpet Pitcher Plant is indigenous to the Southeastern United States, often found in the wild in boggy, acidic soils that lack in nutrients. This scarcity of nutrients in their natural habitat is what drove the evolution of their carnivorous nature, allowing them to gain essential nourishment from captured insects.

How Do You Care for a Trumpet Pitcher Plant?

Proper care for a Trumpet Pitcher Plant involves mimicking its natural bog habitat. They require full sun to partial shade, consistent moisture, and should be planted in a mix that is poor in nutrients, often a combination of peat and sand. During the winter, they need a period of dormancy with cooler temperatures to thrive.

Are Trumpet Pitcher Plant Toxic to Pets?

While the Trumpet Pitcher Plant is not toxic to pets, its presence can be intriguing to curious animals, especially cats. It's advised to place the plant out of reach, as the plant's delicate traps can be damaged by pets, and in turn, pets may be unsettled by the plant's trapping mechanism.