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Spider Plant | Ocean

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Plant height & pot size
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Ceramic Plant Pot (5 cm)
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Ceramic Plant Pot (6 cm)
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Jack o' Lantern Halloween Pot -
Happiest in direct sunlight
High water requirements
Express delivery service
Chlorophytum, or Spider Plants as they are commonly known, are a great first houseplant for beginners. The centre white ribbon running down the length of the foliage is as crisp at the Atlantic on the horizon, sending waves of pure positive vibes. The lush green margins either side of the leaf complete the feeling of calm and tranquillity given off by the Atlantic. Perfect positioned on a desk or shelf. 

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Average Plant Height Below 10 cm
Internal Pot Diameter 5 cm
Botanical Names Chlorophytum
Other Names Spider Plant
Pet Friendly Pet friendly
Air Purifying Air purifying plant
Water Requirements High water requirements
Light Requirements Happiest in direct sunlight

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Other Names For Spider Plant | Ocean Houseplant

Chlorophytum, Spider Plant.

Houseplant & Indoor Plant Care

Spider Plant | Ocean Care Guide

Spider plants are one of the easiest plants to care for. They are tolerant of neglect, over watering, too much or not enough light! But if you'd like a really happy Spider Plant, position in a indirectly lit spot with tons of humidity and a regular drink and you'll have many baby spider plants!

Spider Plant | Ocean Light & Water Requirements

I have High water requirements and I am Happiest in direct sunlight.

House Plant Freshness Guarantee

Houseplant Freshness Guarantee

We only deliver the highest quality houseplants & indoor plants. We are so confident in our plants we give them a 14 day freshness guarantee.

Learn More About Spider Plant

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What is the Spider Plant Known For?

The Spider Plant, or Chlorophytum, is renowned for its resilient nature and its attractive, arching variegated leaves. Known to be an excellent air purifier, it's also famous for producing 'spiderettes' – baby plants that dangle from the mother plant like spiders on a web.

What Is the History of the Spider Plant?

Historically, the Spider Plant has been a part of households for centuries. It originates from tropical and southern Africa, where it spread across the world due to its adaptability and ease of propagation, becoming a staple in Victorian-era households for its ornamental and purported air-purifying qualities.

Where Does the Spider Plant Originate?

The Spider Plant is native to the coastal areas of South Africa. It has adapted to a range of environmental conditions, making it a versatile plant that can thrive in a variety of indoor settings.

How Do You Care for a Spider Plant?

Caring for a Spider Plant is straightforward: it thrives in bright, indirect light but can tolerate lower light conditions. Watering should be consistent, allowing the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. Spider Plants prefer cooler temperatures and can benefit from occasional misting to maintain humidity.

Are Spider Plant Toxic to Pets?

Yes, the Spider Plant is safe for pets. It's one of the most popular choices for pet owners due to its non-toxicity. Even if pets decide to nibble on the leaves, they won't be harmed.