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Royal Horticultural Society - Pests and Diseases

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Royal Horticultural Society - Pests and Diseases by Pippa Greenwood and Andrew Halstead.


Guidance from the experts in the identification treatment and prevention of plant pests diseases and disorders. Whether you need to identify a pest want to know how to prevent plant problems or are looking for disease-resistant cultivators you will find the answers in RHS Pests & Diseases. How do you know if an insect is beneficial or destructive? RHS Pests & Diseases identifies valuable insects and pest predators as well as the trouble-makers. Can you identify a problem if you don't know the name of the plant? The illustrated catalogue of plant problems is grouped according to whether leaves stems flowers roots or fruits are attacked. Simply compare the photographs with the affected part of your plant to find out what is wrong. Is a particular genus species or plant susceptible to disease? The A-Z plant-by-plant listing tells you which particular ailments individual plants are most likely to suffer from. Are chemicals always necessary? Many common problems can be controlled by good gardening practice and simple preventative measures. RHS Pests & Diseases provides authoritative advice on chemical-free solutions wherever appropriate. Destined to become the standard work on the subject RHS Pests & Diseases is the practical handbook gardeners have been waiting for.

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