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Dracaena Sanderiana

Lucky Bamboo

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Plant height & pot size
Happy in both light & shade
Low water requirements
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These magnificent Lucky Bamboo spirals evoke incredible, exotic auras of tropical Asia and are undeniably captivating to the eye. Lucky Bamboo has been used for thousands of years in many parts of Asia as it is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and love to you or the person you share it with! It's also got a fascinating fact in that it's actually part of the Dracaena family! Use only rain water for your bamboo. You will receive x1 Lucky Bamboo spiral, or upgrade to the Lucky Bamboo Trio in glass for the complete display.

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Average Plant Height 70-90 cm
Internal Pot Diameter Individual Stem - Spiral - XLong
Botanical Names Dracaena Sanderiana
Other Names Bamboo Twist
Pet Friendly Not pet friendly
Air Purifying Not an air purifying plant
Water Requirements Low water requirements
Light Requirements Happy in both light & shade

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Care Instructions

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Other Names For Lucky Bamboo Houseplant

Dracaena Sanderiana, Bamboo Twist.

Houseplant & Indoor Plant Care

Lucky Bamboo Care Guide

Light & Humidity -
Place your Lucky Bamboo in a cheerful spot with plenty of bright, indirect sunlight and humidities ranging from ~50% up to ~85%.

Watering & Temperature
Water once with rain water, every 7 to 10 days and ensure it's in a warm area (away from any radiators) with temperatures from 18°C up to 32°C.

Lucky Bamboo Light & Water Requirements

I have Low water requirements and I am Happy in both light & shade.

House Plant Freshness Guarantee

Houseplant Freshness Guarantee

We only deliver the highest quality houseplants & indoor plants. We are so confident in our plants we give them a 14 day freshness guarantee.

Learn More About Lucky Bamboo

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What is the Lucky Bamboo Known For?

Lucky Bamboo is best known for its association with Feng Shui, where it’s believed to bring good fortune and prosperity. Its popularity stems from its easy care and the cultural significance that has been attributed to it, with its stalks often given as gifts to convey wishes of well-being and prosperity.

What Is the History of the Lucky Bamboo?

Despite its common name, Lucky Bamboo is not a true bamboo but part of the Dracaena genus. It has been used in Asia for thousands of years as a symbol of good fortune in Feng Shui practice. It became popular in Western culture for its supposed lucky properties and its minimal care requirements.

Where Does the Lucky Bamboo Originate?

Lucky Bamboo originates from the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia and Africa. It’s adapted to grow under the cover of shaded forests, which contributes to its ability to thrive in indirect light, making it perfect for indoor environments.

How Do You Care for a Lucky Bamboo?

To care for Lucky Bamboo, place it in an area with moderate to low indirect light. It can be grown in water, with the roots submerged, or in well-draining soil. If grown in water, refresh it every week to prevent algae formation and change it completely every month. It requires minimal fertilization and should be kept away from direct sunlight to avoid leaf burn.

Are Lucky Bamboo Toxic to Pets?

Lucky Bamboo is not safe for pets if ingested, as it can cause symptoms of toxicity. While it can be a lovely addition to a home or office, pet owners should ensure that it’s placed somewhere out of reach of animals to avoid any health issues.