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Brassia Maculata

Spider Orchid | Summer Dream

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Happy in both light & shade
High water requirements
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Spider Orchid - Brassia. Shade may vary.

Brassia (BRASS-ee-ah) orchids are often referred to as the “Spider Orchid” because the petals of the blooms are elongated, narrow, and spiky and resemble a spider’s legs. Brassia orchids are a small genus of 30 to 40 species with numerous hybrids, and when it comes to Brassia orchid care, there are a few important things to know:

The petals of the Brassia orchid are yellow or green in color with brown or maroon striping or spotting. The lip is large and flowy and is white with some coloration. Flower spikes can grow to be quite long, and have many flowers alternating on each side of the spike.

The reason that the Brassia orchids look like spiders is to attract female spider wasps which are it’s pollinators. The Brassia’s blooms mimic the appearance of the spiders that these wasps hunt. When the female spider wasp goes in for the kill, she is instead covered in the Brassia flower’s pollen. She then goes on to her next target and the next Brassia orchid flower is subsequently pollinated.

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Average Plant Height 50-70 cm
Internal Pot Diameter 12 cm
Botanical Names Brassia Maculata
Other Names Brassia Orchid
Pet Friendly Pet friendly
Air Purifying Not an air purifying plant
Water Requirements High water requirements
Light Requirements Happy in both light & shade

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Other Names For Spider Orchid | Summer Dream Houseplant

Brassia Maculata, Brassia Orchid.

Houseplant & Indoor Plant Care

Spider Orchid | Summer Dream Care Guide

To keep this lovely hybrid orchid happy, place it in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight and allow a third of the soil to dry out in-between waterings.

Spider Orchid | Summer Dream Light & Water Requirements

I have High water requirements and I am Happy in both light & shade.

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Houseplant Freshness Guarantee

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    Jo F.
    February, 2024
    Spider Orchid | Summer Dream ordered with other items

    This company is truly brilliant! Fabulous...

    This company is truly brilliant! Fabulous quality plants, arrive in great condition, well packaged and I would highly recommend them. Great care details for the plants and just a wonderfully positive experience. I am hooked! 😳 Jx

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    Chloe H.
    September, 2022
    Spider Orchid | Summer Dream ordered with other items

    Brilliant service. Top quality goods and...

    Brilliant service. Top quality goods and a lovely customer service. Once item I ordered had a problem when it arrived but after a few emails sent to the customer service team, it was resolved quickly and efficiently and I have since placed and received another order 😊