Rating: 4/5

Succulent Order from Houseplants.Co.Uk

I ordered a number of succulents. Firstly, I would say that they all arrived alive. Some of them (from the succulove box) were not so great - they were so dried out and needed some immediate care. The remaining plants I ordered were good, except for one. I paid £15-£16 for a pink jelly bean plant and it was in really poor condition. This was not because the plant was badly grown or poorly looked after, but was poorly packaged. It was packed so tightly, the plant was damaged. Now I hope it survives, but It does not look good. I know why plants are well packed - but the clingfilm should not be so tight the plants are damaged in the process. Overall, not the most brilliant experience, but OK in the main. The larger plants, in particular the sunrise succulent and money plant are really lovely specimens. I have popped all my new plants in to their new pots, with their new special soil and decorative mini stones and have given them a tiny water and some succulent food, so let's see how we go.

Reviewed by: SuperRosieJo S.

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