Rating: 2/5

Two out of three aint bad, i suppose!!

I bought three plants, a crocodile fern, an Alocasia Portodora and an Alocasia Dragon Scale. The Dragon Scale began turning yellow and wilting the day after arrival. I contacted Houseplants.co.uk, who said it needed to acclimatise and gave me some instructions. While following these instructions, the plant got worse, as a number of leaves started to curl and go brown. Upon closer inspection, there were two rhizomes in a single pot and one of them was suffering from root rot. I am hoping i can save the good one, but i dont think i should have to deal with this so soon after purchasing the item. Clearly Houseplant.co.uk have lots of happy customers and so i can only conclude that i was unluckly. But, as the Dragon Scale was expensive, I wont be buying from them again.

Reviewed by: Richard M.

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