The perfect surprise gift for your indoor gardening friends - a houseplant mystery box

The perfect surprise gift for your indoor gardening friends - a houseplant mystery box

Looking to surprise your friends and family with something natural and magical? A houseplant mystery box makes for the perfect birthday gift for someone looking to grow their green thumb and brighten up their home. has a wide selection of plant mystery boxes that are sure to spark your imagination and help you learn to care for a new type of plant. Learn more about the various types of mystery boxes available below.


Cacti Mystery Box

This mystery box is perfect for someone looking for a houseplant that is easy to care for, doesn't require much humidity, and is very hardy to the elements. Cacti are ornamental, spiky beauties that will stand tall and look great for years to come. 


Bonsai Mystery Box

Majestic, magnificent and mighty - bonsai are some of the most captivating types of houseplant that you can buy. Immensely satisfying and rewarding to care for, bonsai trees can last for years, decades and even centuries! A green friend for life. 


Palm Mystery Box

Looking to buy a palm tree online but not too sure which one to go for?'s Palm Mystery Box could be just the thing that'll spark your imagination! Save on those expensive flights - bring the tropical South American rainforests to you! Palm trees are also a highly popular pick for Father's Day gifts and are sure to ignite his curiosity and love for nature. 


Succulent Mystery Box

Succulents are great houseplants for city living - they are compact yet still so rewarding to care for. They come in a huge variety too - so there's a good chance you'll get one you've never seen before! Aloe, Sansevieria, Senecio, Pilea, Kalanchoe and so much more - the mystery boxes are sure to mystify and fascinate.


Orchid Mystery Box

Orchids - a majestic showcase of nature's gentle, creative touch. Immensely decorative and instantly recognisable, Houseplant has a huge selection of exotic, captivating orchids that you'll love. Not sure which one you'd like? Let fate decide with an orchid mystery box! 


Ficus Mystery Box

The mighty apex of variety - ficus plants are known to come in all shapes and sizes yet remain immensely versatile as far as where you can place them! Everything from the gentle, ornamental Ficus Ginseng to the lively, expansive Ficus Benjamina - no matter what mystery houseplant arrives at your doorstep, you're sure to fall in love with it. 


Looking for something else? Discover the perfect houseplant for you at Stunning houseplants ordered online and delivered securely to your home!


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