Indoor Green Spaces

The Importance of Green Spaces: How Indoor Plants Can Help

Why creating a greener space is important

We're all a bit stuck in that normal grind? Brick walls everywhere, endless traffic, glued to our screens... enough to make you desperate for a bit of proper greenery and those holiday jungle vibes. Well it turns out, those scientists agree – lots of studies show that getting back in touch with nature, even if it's just a few potted plants on your windowsill, does wonders for your head and your health.

Green spaces aren't just about pikniks on the weekend (although a couple of sandwiches and a cream tea does sound pretty good right now). Parks and gardens give you room to get moving – walk, jog, cycle, whatever you fancy. A great way to keep fit and those health problems at bay. Honestly though, exercising outdoors beats the gym any day. Studies show that outdoor exercise gives you a much bigger endorphin hit.

The good stuff from green spaces goes beyond just your own feel good. Parks and gardens become those little community hubs, places for a natter, shared activities... It's brilliant for building a stronger neighbourhood and neighbourly spirit, especially in cities where people sometimes feel a bit disconnected. Loneliness is a real problem in built up areas, and a bit of green is a powerful antidote.

The sad thing is, those benefits of being in nature aren't shared equally, and that's making people unwell. Studies show that disadvantaged communities often don't have many decent parks and gardens nearby. That unfairness makes health both physically and mentally get worse, which in turns widening the gap further. It shows just how important it is that everyone, no matter where they live or how much money they have, need to access a bit of nature.

Want an easy way to get that green-space magic inside your own home? Houseplants & Indoor Plants! Here at Houseplant UK, we've got everything – tiny succulents, big statement pieces, the whole lot. Studies show houseplants aren't just for show – they clean your air, help you relax, even make you better at your job. Simple way to give yourself a wellbeing boost, no matter where you are. Admit it, whenever you go to a friends house who has plants everywhere, it just feels nicer!

Sometimes, a dainty little plant just won't do, will it? Those big gorgeous ones, like Swiss Cheese Plants and Fiddle Leaf Figs, totally transform a room. Bring a lush, wild touch to your home and get all those health benefits too. Think of them as living sculptures that happen to perk you up as well! Creating an indoor jungle which benefits everyone living in that space.

Our top picks to help transform your space

Boston Fern

Boston Fern: A Waterfall of Lush Greenery
This classic beauty (a staple in the indoor plant world) is like a fountain of delicate fronds, adding instant softness and texture to any room. Perfect for hanging planters or a statement piece on a shelf, those cascading leaves make you feel like you've escaped to a tranquil rainforest. Oh, and it's extremely easy to care for.

Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa): Bold, Tropical Vibes
Everybody loves a monstera, these plants command attention! Their bold silhouette creates a dramatic focal point and adds a seriously jungly feel. They are perfect for the corner of any lounge or bedroom, they thrive with a bit of bright indirect light, making them perfect for brightening up a corner. And if you want something rare and unusual, the variegated varieties are amazing!

Devil's Ivy (Pothos): Effortless Elegance
The ultimate easy-peasy choice, easy to care for and can grow to a proper statement piece. Devil's Ivy is famous for its trailing vines and vibrant leaves. Drape it from a high shelf for a whimsical touch, or train it up a moss pole if you want it to grow tall. Its cheerful variegations and forgiving nature make it a brilliant beginner plant.

Palms: A Touch of the Tropics
Palms always remind me of holidays, we have rooms filled with palms, so if we need that little escape we grab a coffee and chill with the palms. From the compact Parlour Palm to the majestic Kentia Palm, there's a variety to suit your space. Their fan like fronds are ideal for adding a touch of laid-back sophistication.

Succulents & Cacti: Desert Wonders in Miniature
These quirky marvels are like tiny living sculptures! Small space, not a problem. Sunrise succulents to spiky cacti, succulents and cacti bring a sense of playful charm to any space. Plus, their drought tolerant nature makes them a dream for the forgetful plant parent.

Keeping your green space healthy and happy

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