Apple Cactus Florida (Cereus Peruvianus) Review

Houseplant rating: ★★★★★
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Buy Apple Cactus Florida Houseplant Online

The first time I saw the Apple Cactus Florida (Cereus Peruvianus), I was hooked. Its towering columns and vibrant green colour instantly transported me to lush, sun-drenched landscapes.  For a plant lover who secretly wishes her living room was a tropical rainforest, this cactus was a must-have!

A Slow and Steady Grower

Now, one thing I love about the Apple Cactus Florida is it's a journey, not a race. It grows slowly but steadily over the years. When I first brought mine home from, it was no bigger than my hand. And now? It's the star of the sunroom, reaching all the way to the ceiling! If you're like me and appreciate a good transformation story, this cactus is for you.

A Sun Worshipper

If there's one thing this cactus absolutely loves, it's sunlight! I'm talking bright, direct light – the more, the better. We plant people are a lot alike, aren't we? Give it a south-facing window where it can soak in the rays (just remember, even a sun-loving cactus needs gentle introduction to avoid sunburn). Buddy, our shop dog, knows all the sunniest spots in the nursery – that's why I trust the quality of the plants we send out. Only the best for our customers!

A Thirst Quencher

As a tropical cactus, the Apple Cactus Florida likes a little more water than those prickly desert dwellers. It likes its soil consistently moist, but not soggy. A good soak once a week during the growing season is my rule of thumb. And in the winter? I back off a bit to let it rest, just like I do after a busy day at the shop. Check out the care instructions on – they've got tips for every season.

A Pet-Friendly Pick

Being both a plant mum and a dog mum, safety is super important! I'm happy to report that the Apple Cactus Florida is pet-friendly. While I wouldn't let Buddy practice his nibbling skills on it (ouch, spines!), it's not toxic if he gets a bit too playful. It's a great choice for creating a dreamy, lush vibe without worrying about our furry pals.

A Conversation Starter

This one is guaranteed to wow your guests. Its unique, sculptural shape is an absolute show-stopper! Whenever I have friends over, they're mesmerised. "Is that even real?" they ask. It's like bringing a little piece of the tropics right into your home – a permanent vacation vibe, wouldn't you say?
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