Our Ethos

We deliver beautiful house plants to you in a simple way.

We try to keep everything straight-forward so that you can browse and choose your plants without feeling overwhelmed. We believe in a calm and happy environment right from our packing stations through to your unboxing at home on the kitchen table. That is why we hand pack each and every plant with human hands - we believe our team of plant-lovers will handle each plant with the care it deserves - that you deserve.

We'll even sing to them before we send them on their merry way!


The team at houseplant.co.uk are passionate about bringing nature into everybody's home.

We believe that plants are good for the mind and the soul, and should be accessible to all. We know that not everybody has a lot of room or tons of time to be green-fingered - that is why we work so hard to bring quality products with excellent customer service so that you can order and enjoy plants in your home or work space that suit your lifestyle. 


Each and every one of us behind the scenes at the houseplant.co.uk headquarters are plant mad - everybody 'down tools' when there is a new delivery of plants in - we might be a little bonkers but we're like kids in a sweet shop and we can't wait to share our new plant finds with you. 


We hope to inspire your space and indulge your wellbeing. Our ethos is that everybody deserves a little more zen and it shouldn't come with a hefty price tag. 


At the heart of houseplant.co.uk there are a passionate plant-loving team who are committed to delivering the very best house plants to your door. 

Once in a while, something may go wrong. We're only human and we're working with a living thing.  If you are not truly delighted with your plants when they arrive, please let us know within 7 days of receipt. You can let us know by sending us an email at hello@houseplant.co.uk and we will do everything we can to put the situation right for you.