How do I care for my Pothos plant?

Quick Answer

Pothos, or Devil's Ivy – it's so tough you almost can't kill the thing! This makes it a brilliant choice for newbie plant parents and seasoned green thumbs alike. Those gorgeous heart-shaped leaves and its trailing nature bring a bit of jungle magic to any room. To keep your Pothos happy, give it plenty of bright, but indirect light, a well-draining bit of soil, and only water it when things dry out a bit. A regular trim and the odd bit of fertiliser will keep it looking lush.

Further Information

Pothos, a.k.a. Devil's Ivy, is basically the perfect starter plant. Gorgeous, grows like crazy, and puts up with A LOT of beginner mistakes. Here's how to make yours unstoppable, even if you have zero plant experience:

Light: The Goldilocks of Houseplants

  • Bright Shade Wins: Near a window is best, but not where the sun blasts it directly. Think light coming through jungle leaves.
  • Low Light? It Survives: Pothos will still grow, just maybe a little slower and with slightly less vibrant colours
  • Sunburn Warning: Yellow/brown patches on leaves = too much direct sun. Move it further back, or filter strong light with a sheer curtain.

Soil & Pots: Super Easy

  • Supermarket Potting Mix is Fine: As long as it's not totally waterlogged all the time, they're not fussy. Add some perlite if you happen to have it, for extra drainage goodness.
  • Drainage is Non-Negotiable: Plastic pots are fine, but they MUST have holes. Decorative pot without holes? The Pothos goes in its nursery pot INSIDE that.
  • Repot to Upgrade: When roots are poking out the bottom, it's time for a slightly bigger pot. Fresh potting mix = extra happy plant!

Watering 101: When in Doubt, Don't!

  • Finger Test: Best trick ever! Stick a finger in the soil. Top inch dry? Water time. Still damp? Wait a few days.
  • Overwatering = Death Sentence: Soggy soil rots the roots. It's better to let it get a little too dry occasionally than to overwater.
  • Season Matters: Needs less water in winter as it's not growing as fast. Checking the soil stops you making mistakes with this.

Extras: They LOVE These, But Will Survive Without

  • Warm & Cozy: Ideal temp is normal room temp. Protect from drafts in winter, as they HATE being cold.
  • Humid = Happy: If the air is dry (central heating often does this) misting the leaves makes a big difference, or use a pebble tray.

Pothos Styling Guide: Which One's Right for YOU?

  • Golden Pothos: The classic! Tough as nails, brightens up any space.
  • Marble Queen Pothos: Cream-colored leaves, needs a bit more light to keep the variegation strong
  • Neon Pothos: Zingy chartreuse colour, perfect if your room is a bit dim and needs a pop of brightness
  • Jade Pothos: Deep green, solid leaves. Great for that lush jungle vibe
  • Silver Satin Pothos: Silvery-green with darker speckles, looks a bit more sophisticated
  • Manjula Pothos: Swirly mix of green, white and cream... one for when you're feeling fancy!

Pothos Pro Tips

  • Chop & Grow: Pruning off scraggly bits makes it thicker & bushier. Those cuttings root easily, so free plants!
  • Feed It Sometimes: Weak plant food every month in spring/summer gives it an extra boost, but they won't die if you forget.
  • Yellow Leaves: This is nearly always overwatering, OR the plant needs more light. is Your Pothos Partner

  • The Tough Cookie Collection: Only plants that thrive on neglect allowed! Pothos is definitely in there, alongside its easy-care pals.
  • Pretty Pots Galore: From budget basics to statement pieces, the right pot transforms even a cheap plant.

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