How do I care for indoor succulent plants?

Quick Answer

Love those quirky, chunky succulents? They're the ultimate easy-going houseplants! To keep them happy, think desert vibes: loads of sunshine, special sandy soil, and just a sip of water now and then (soggy roots are their worst enemy!). Make sure the pot has good drainage, give them a sprinkle of food when they're feeling peckish, and they'll bring those unique desert looks right into your living room!

Further Information

Love plants, but worried you will kill them? Succulents are your new best friends! These weird and wonderful plants come in so many shapes, sizes, and colours, and they're shockingly easy to care for. Let's dive into how to keep these desert dwellers happy indoors.

Why Succulents are Awesome

  • Built-In Water Tank: Those chubby leaves and stems store water, so they can handle a bit of neglect. Perfect for forgetful waterers!
  • Architectural Wonders: Spiky, rounded, trailing, patterned... there's a succulent to suit every style.
  • Easy to Grow (Seriously!): Perfect starter plants for building your confidence
  • Pet-Friendly Options: Many succulents are non-toxic if your furry friend decides to nibble (but always double-check a specific plant before bringing it home!)

Succulent Success: The Basics

  • Sunshine is Their Jam: Most want 6+ hours of bright light a day. South-facing windowsill? Perfect! No sunny spots? A grow light works wonders.
  • Desert Soil Mix: They rot easily in normal potting soil. Shop for 'cactus/succulent mix', or add sand/perlite to regular soil for better drainage. Unglazed pots (terracotta is classic) dry out faster, which is good!
  • "Drought & Drench" Watering: When the soil's bone dry, give it a good soak. But let it completely dry out in between drinks. Soggy soil = dead succulents.
  • Warm & Cozy: Normal house temperatures are fine. Protect them from drafts and cold windowsills in winter.
  • Food is Optional: A little weak fertiliser in spring/summer can boost growth, but they do fine without!

Newbie Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them!)

  1. Too Much Love: The #1 succulent killer? OVERWATERING! Those squishy, mushy leaves mean it's rotting. Ease up on the watering, and repot into fresh, dry soil if it's bad.
  2. Not Enough Light: Stretched out, pale succulents are begging for sunshine. Move them closer to the window, or consider a grow light.
  3. Pesky Pests: Mealybugs (white fluff) love succulents. Check often, and blast them off with a strong hose spray. Stubborn cases might need neem oil, but avoid insecticides that damage succulents.

Troubleshooting Tricks:

  • Brown crispy bits: Usually sunburn (especially if it's only on the side facing the light). Move it further back, or filter strong sun with a sheer curtain.
  • Wrinkly Leaves: Time for a drink! They use their stored water when thirsty, which makes the leaves look a bit deflated.
  • Dropping Leaves at the Slightest Touch? This often means it's been overwatered, and the roots are starting to rot.

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Succulents are the Gateway to Plant Addiction

Start with a few easy ones, and soon you'll be hooked! Their stunning shapes and textures bring instant life to any space, and they're so rewarding to grow. Soon you'll be experimenting with propagation, making your own arrangements... the possibilities are endless!

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