Do Indoor Plants need to acclimatise to their new home after shipping?

Quick Answer

Your new indoor plant has arrived! Don't be surprised if it's a bit grumpy after its travels, even if the delivery was swift. Plants need time to adjust to their new home. To help them settle in, gradually introduce them to the new light (think avoiding harsh midday sun), temperature (no sudden blasts from radiators!), and humidity levels (maybe a pebble tray if it gets dry). With a bit of TLC and keeping an eye on them, your plant will be feeling right at home in no time and ready to thrive!

Further Information

Buying a new indoor plant from is exciting! We know you want it to feel right at home, and that takes a bit of extra TLC in those first few weeks. Even with our careful selection, speedy delivery, and eco-friendly packaging, the journey to your house can be a bit stressful for a plant. A gentle approach and a bit of patience will help it adjust quickly and look its absolute best.

Here's a deeper dive to help you out:

  • Unpacking & Inspection: Carefully remove your plant and give it a close look. Any damage or unhappy areas? Snap a photo and contact our friendly customer service team for advice. They're here to make it right!
  • Find the Perfect Spot: Think about the light your specific plant needs. Our care guides can help, and remember: start on the gentler side and gradually increase if needed. Avoid blasting it with harsh sunlight at the beginning – those delicate leaves need time to adjust.
  • All About Water: Every plant is different! Some need to dry out between waterings, while others like consistent moisture. Stick your finger in the soil to check. And don't forget those humidity-loving plants: a pebble tray under the pot, regular misting, or a humidifier (especially for ferns and tropical beauties) will all help them thrive.
  • Comfy Temperatures: No one likes extremes, and plants are the same! Aim for average room temps. Keep your new friend away from draughty spots, radiators, blasting air-con vents... anything that causes sudden temperature swings.
  • Observation is Key: Plants can't talk, so watch for signs of happiness (or sadness!). A bit of drooping or yellowing leaves is normal at first. But if it gets worse after a few weeks, double-check its light, water and humidity needs. Small adjustments usually do the trick.

Why Your Plant Might Struggle (and How to Help)

  • Shipping Stress: Even a short journey can be tiring! A few days of rest usually perks them back up.
  • Under/Overwatering: The number one plant killer! Check the soil and use our care guides to get your watering routine just right.
  • Repotting Too Soon: Let your plant settle in before repotting (unless the pot is damaged or way too small).

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