Easy Care Indoor Plants

Which Indoor plants are easy to take care of - The ultimate guide

Forget the notion that indoor plants are only for those with a keen interest in gardening and horticulture – or loads of time on their hands! If you're new to keeping indoor plants or just have a hectic life, there are plenty of easy peasy plant options out there. These tough plants can handle a bit of neglect – the odd missed watering, a shady corner – and still look brilliant. Choosing low-maintenance plants means you get all those green vibes and plant benefits without the pressure to become a master horticulturalist.

Here at Houseplant UK, we've done the hard work for you. We've hand picked a collection of the most forgiving, laid back houseplants around. Perfect for beginners and anyone who wants a lush indoor space without the fuss. All our plants are chosen for being absolute troopers and show stoppers, which means you have more time scrolling and less time worrying about killing another plant.

Our top easy care indoor plants

Satin Pothos Plant

Satin Pothos: The Ideal Plant for Forgetful Folks and Design Enthusiasts Alike

This gorgeous trailing vine, with its glossy, heart-shaped leaves, is the houseplant equivalent of a superhero. It practically thrives on neglect! Satin Pothos can handle a dim corner, the occasional missed watering, and still reward you with lush, cascading foliage. It's a brilliant choice for beginners who might be a tad forgetful or anyone who craves a bit of no-drama greenery.

But don't let its easygoing nature fool you – Satin Pothos is a proper style icon too. Those silvery leaves add a touch of sophisticated shimmer, perfect for trailing from shelves or hanging baskets. It brings a lush rainforest vibe to any room, even if your plant expertise is, well, a bit lacking. Fancy a pop of colour? Several vibrant cultivars exist as well!

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Flowering Kalanchoe: Your Ticket to Year-Round Cheer

Imagine a little pot overflowing with vibrant blooms – punchy pinks, sunny yellows, fiery oranges, and deep reds. That's the magic of Flowering Kalanchoe! This succulent is all about adding a burst of cheerfulness to your space. And the best part? It's ridiculously easy to care for. Tolerant of a bit of dryness, happy in a sunny window... it's the perfect pick-me-up plant for folks who want a splash of colour without loads of fuss.

What truly sets Flowering Kalanchoe apart is its ridiculously long flowering period. With minimal care, those cheery blooms can last for weeks and weeks, brightening even the dreariest days. Honestly, it's like having a little piece of sunshine indoors, year-round!

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ZZ Plant: The "Unkillable" Houseplant with Unmatched Style

If you're renowned for killing even the most indestructible plants, the ZZ Plant is here to restore your faith! This architectural beauty, with its upright, glossy leaves, is the living embodiment of resilience. Neglect? Low light? Drought? The ZZ takes it all in stride and still looks fabulous. It's practically begging you to forget about it for a while!

But the ZZ Plant isn't just for those of us with a less-than-stellar plant care record. Its sleek, sculptural form is incredibly chic, adding a modern touch to any space. Place it on a minimalist shelf, let it be the centerpiece on your coffee table – this plant blends seamlessly with contemporary and eclectic decor alike. If you want a statement plant that requires almost zero effort, ZZ is your green superhero.

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Snake Plant: The Rockstar of Houseplants (with a Cheeky Nickname)

If houseplants had a hall of fame, the Snake Plant would be a headliner. With its bold, upright leaves, it's got attitude and style in spades. Not to mention, it's famously tough – low light, irregular watering, you name it – this plant shrugs it off and keeps on looking cool. That's why it's earned the cheeky nickname "mother-in-law's tongue."

But the Snake Plant isn't just about survival; it's surprisingly chic too! From tall, sword-like varieties to compact, rosette-forming ones, there's a Snake Plant to suit your space and style. Plus, recent research suggests it's a superstar air purifier! Fancy a living sculpture that cleans the air and adds a dash of edgy beauty? Snake Plant is your answer.

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Pothos: The Houseplant That Effortlessly Embodies "Effortless"

Sometimes, simple is best. And Pothos is the perfect example. This classic trailing beauty, with its heart-shaped leaves in shades of glossy green or eye-catching variegations, brings effortless elegance to any space. Pothos is the poster child for low-maintenance plants – it happily adapts to a range of light conditions and forgives the occasional missed watering session.

From draping elegantly over bookshelves to cascading playfully from hanging planters, Pothos adds instant life and texture wherever it grows. Want a lush, rainforest vibe without breaking a sweat? Pothos is your go-to. And with so many gorgeous varieties to choose from – think Golden Pothos with its sunny streaks or the silvery shimmer of Satin Pothos – you'll find the perfect one to complement your decor.


Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Evergreen: Quiet Elegance with Unfussy Charm

Think of the Chinese Evergreen as your stylish yet unpretentious houseplant friend. Its beautiful, variegated foliage offers a touch of quiet sophistication to any room. Shades of green, silver, and even hints of pink or red mingle playfully in the leaves, creating a mesmerising display. And the best part? This plant doesn't demand attention to keep up its good looks.

Chinese Evergreen is remarkably tolerant of various light conditions and can cope with a bit of neglect, making it a fantastic beginner-friendly option. It adds year-round visual interest, even in those slightly shadier corners. Looking for a low-key stunner that brings a touch of understated elegance to your space? Chinese Evergreen is your perfect match.


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Philodendrons: The Lush Jungle Vibes You Crave, Made Easy

If you dream of a vibrant, tropical-feeling home, Philodendrons are your fast-track to leafy paradise! This diverse group includes both vining and upright varieties, offering a range of looks to suit your style. From the classic heart-shaped leaves of the Sweetheart Plant to the dramatic, deeply-lobed leaves of Philodendron selloum, there's a Philodendron to make your heart sing.

And the best part? Most Philodendrons are incredibly adaptable and shockingly forgiving, making them a brilliant choice for both newbies and experienced plant enthusiasts. Their fast-growing nature delivers a burst of tropical energy to any space, creating a calming, lush oasis in your own home. Want a statement plant that won't give you grief? A trailing beauty to soften hard edges? Philodendrons have you covered.


Easy-Peasy Plants, Maximum Results: A Few Tips for Success

While those easy-peasy houseplants are wonderfully forgiving, a little bit of care goes a long way in ensuring they look their absolute best. Here's the lowdown:

Let there be Light (But Not Too Much!): Most laid-back houseplants love bright, indirect light. Think a sunny window with a bit of shade. Direct sun can often be too harsh, causing those leaves to scorch.

Don't be a Drowner: Overwatering is the number one way to send your plant to an early grave! For most easy-care varieties, let the top few centimeters of soil dry out a bit between waterings. Succulents? They like it even drier.

A Bit of Humidity Goes a Long Way: Remember, most houseplants come from steamy tropical places. Give them a humidity boost by grouping them together, using a humidifier, or placing them on a tray of pebbles and water.

Keep Those Leaves Looking Sharp: Give those leaves a quick wipe with a damp cloth every so often. Keeps them dust-free and helps them do their photosynthesis magic!

A Wee Bit of Nosh (But Not Too Much): These plants might be easy, but they still appreciate a little feed in the spring and summer. Opt for a balanced houseplant fertiliser, diluted to half the usual strength.


Easy-Care Houseplants: Your Questions Answered

What's the absolute easiest houseplant I can't kill?

While there are loads of forgiving plants out there, Snake Plants, ZZ Plants, and Pothos take the cake. These superstars tolerate a bit of neglect, wonky light, and the occasional missed watering session.

How often should I water these laid-back wonders?

Most easy-care plants like their soil to dry out a bit between waterings. Stick your finger in – if the top few centimeters feel dry, give 'em a drink. Succulents are even more drought-tolerant, so wait until their soil is completely dry. Remember, it's far better to underwater than end up with soggy roots!

Can easy-care plants handle a bit of shade?

Absolutely! While all plants need some light, loads of easy-peasy varieties thrive in less-than-perfect conditions. Snake Plants, ZZs, Pothos, and Chinese Evergreens are masters of making the most of a shadier corner. Just remember, they might grow a bit slower with less light.

Are easy-care plants safe for my furry pets?

Sadly, many popular easy plants are actually toxic to pets. Snake Plants, Pothos, Philodendrons, Monsteras, and Aloe Vera can cause tummy troubles if nibbled. But fear not! Pet-friendly lovelies like Spider Plants, Parlour Palms, and some succulents and air plants exist. Always double-check a plant's safety before bringing it home if you've got curious critters.

How do I know when it's time to repot?

If you see roots peeking out the drainage holes, water runs straight through the pot, or your plant seems to have stopped growing, it's likely time for a new home! Most plants need repotting every year or two into a slightly larger pot with fresh soil.

With the right carefree companions and these simple tips, anyone can have a thriving indoor oasis. Here at Houseplant, we curate a collection of the most forgiving plants around to make your journey easy. Now, get out there and start growing!

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