Seven Easy Care House Plants For Beginners

The 7 easiest to care for houseplants

Looking for some easy to care for houseplants - or maybe houseplants for beginners? We've got you covered! Check out our top, natural recommendations we've picked out. 

1. Peace Lily

The gentle Peace Lily is a vessel of tranquility - adding a soft touch of nature and luxury to your living space without looking out of place. These superb plants are known not just for their beautiful appearance, but also their amazing abilities to purify air and slightly increase humidity to aid sleep.  

How to care for your Peace Lily

Caring for your Peace Lily is a fascinating, easy to master process - after all, these plants are immensely versatile and are happy with a bit of shade! Simply place your Peace Lily in a spot with moderate, indirect light or partial shade and humidities of around 50% - 60%. Peace Lily watering is as simple as keeping the soil slightly moist but not soggy - watering once the top inch of soil has dried.

2. Aloe Vera

A staple of houseplant culture, Aloe Veras are an iconic choice that are instantly recognisable to just about everyone. They're great for purifying your air and perfect for decorating your living space needing a touch of nature. Beautifully compact too, there are so many reasons that Aloe Veras are a top pick! 

 How to care for your Aloe Vera

Place it in a sunny spot with bright, indirect light to keep it healthy and happy. It's impartial to humidity and very hardy, so perfect for beginners. Water approximately once a week, and don't worry too much about keeping the soil moist as the Aloe are happy in drier soil.

3. Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

Sometimes called Hollywood's plant, Sansevierias are an iconic choice and one you can find in the background of many popular Hollywood movies! They are versatile houseplants that will look good just about anywhere and add that gentle decorative touch of nature to your living space.

How to care for your Sansevieria

The Sansevieria prefers bright, indirect light but can happily tolerate lower light conditions. Place in a spot with average humidity and water once the soil has dried completely. Don't worry if you forget to water your Snake Plant every now and then - they're incredibly hardy, so perfect for beginners. 

4. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum)

Chlorophytum are some of the most popular houseplants around! Known for their magnificent stripes and decorative adaptability, they're one of the easiest to care for houseplants and the perfect first plant. Take care of your Spider Plant and it'll gracefully return the favour by helping to remove harmful pollutants from your air.

How to care for your Spider Plant

Simply place them in a happy spot with bright, but indirect sunlight and ensure the soil is always moist but not soggy. It'll handle the rest!

5. Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera)

Monsteras, more commonly known by their tasty sounding common name, the Swiss Cheese Plant, are an iconic staple when it comes to houseplants. Instantly recognisable with its gentle, separated leaves that are shaped like hearts and incredibly easy to care for - there's so much to love about Monsteras.

 How to care for your Monstera

To care for your Monstera, simply place in a moderately humid spot with bright but indirect sunlight. Watering your monstera is an easy process - as soon as the upper part of the soil has dried, it needs a drink! 

6. Peperomia (Radiator Plant)

Perfect as a beginner houseplant, Peperomias come in a wide selection of elegant varieties, so you're sure to find the one that's right for you! They're one of the most popular houseplants and make for great companions in smaller spaces. A gentle, elegant city-living natural friend.  

How to care for your Peperomia

Caring for Peperomia is a breeze and a lot of fun too! Place your Peperomia in a spot with bright or moderate indirect light and in humidity of around 40% - 50%. Allow the top two inches of soil to dry completely and then water thoroughly, allowing it to drain. You're free to choose top or bottom watering depending on what is most convenient, but we personally prefer to water them from the bottom!

7. Kentia Palm

A modern masterpiece, the Kentia Palm is the perfect architectural plant to liven up your home and provide that desired natural touch. Originating in sunny Australia, it's one of the most popular indoor plants due to its easy care and wonderfully tropical appearance. 

How to care for your Kentia Palm

We recommend watering your Kentia approximately once a week, keeping the soil slightly moist or allowing to dry between waterings. Place your palm in spot with moderate (approx. 50%) humidity and with bright, indirect sunlight. Easy peasy!

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