Sustainability - our ethos, manifest

Sustainability - our ethos, manifest

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at We understand and care deeply about the environment and are always working hard to refine our processes to make them more earth friendly. 


Eco-friendly packaging

We have studied, planned and developed our packaging throughout the years and thousands of deliveries we have made - searching for that perfect combination of sustainability and security. 

All of our fresh houseplants are sent in easily recyclable, strong cardboard boxes. Inside where the magic happens, we keep your plant happy and secure during its travels with enviro filler air cushioning bags that are 100% recyclable too! Eco-friendly plant delivery.


Making use of everything we can

We try to reuse and upcycle anything and everything we have to reduce our environmental impact and keep our planet happy and healthy. Everything from reusing paper invoices to jot down notes and information, to reusing delivery boxes to transport equipment to and from our shop. 


Healing, rather than replacing

Reducing our carbon footprint is immensely important for us, and as part of that we have developed an ethos of repair, not replace. Getting new plants delivered to us constantly can be costly to the environment, so rather than replacing any unhealthy plants delivered to us, we take the time with our in-house team of experts to nurse them back to good health. 


Our plans for the future

We're not stopping here though - our ultimate goal is to be carbon neutral or perhaps even carbon negative in the future, and to help support sustainable developments and eco-friendly projects all around the country. It's a long road - but one that we won't stop working on until we get there.


Pallets for projects within the community

Occasionally, we may receive a large order of fresh houseplants on wooden pallets. We love to share with the community and help people to express themselves, so we openly advertise that anyone is free to pop on by and take one to use on their projects! We have had people build tables, chairs and beds for their family and friends! 

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