Summer Holiday for Houseplants: Giving Your Indoor Plants a Breath of Fresh Air

Summer Holiday for Houseplants: Giving Your Indoor Plants a Breath of Fresh Air

Who's up for giving their houseplants & indoor plants a taste of the good life and the taste of freedom? Us too! With the warmer UK weather finally getting here, it's time to treat those indoor plant beauties to a bit of outdoor pampering and fresh air. It's like a summer holiday for your indoor plants, packed with sunshine, fresh air, and serious growth potential without the need for specialise composts or plant feed. After all, your amazing collection of houseplants deserve a break too! 🤗

Some indoor plants are practically begging for a suntan like the tough as nails Snake Plant, loves nothing more than basking in a sunny spot on your balcony or patio, think of where they originate from. Pop it outside and watch those sleek leaves soak up the rays – it'll come back looking even more vibrant than before. 

Indoor Palms like the Parlour Palm or Areca Palm are all about that humid air and gentle breeze, so UK summers can be perfect for your palms. Just be sure to find them a spot with a little shade so they don't get scorched, nobody likes brown leaves!

This outdoor break isn't just a change of scenery for your plants either, a change of space works wonders for their overall health. Think of it as a wellness retreat and spa: fresh air for healthier foliage to remove the dust! Sunshine for stronger growth and a chance to shake off those pesky indoor pests. Plus, with all those plants basking outside, you'll have more space to spruce up your indoor jungle! Rearrange those shelves, get cleaning behind bits you can’t usually reach. Why not fill those gaps with some of our amazing rare and exotic indoor plants!

Ready to get started? Remember, plants can get a bit overwhelmed with sudden change, so ease them into their holiday. Start with a few hours in a shaded spot and gradually increase their sun exposure over a couple of weeks. And keep an eye on that watering – they'll get thirsty quicker in the warmer weather. Check out our guides to watering for further help.

Whether you've got green fingers or you're new to the whole plant parent thing, we've got your back (just check out our thousands of 5-star reviews!). Browse our easy-care collection for fuss-free options or discover a unique hanging or trailing plants to elevate your outdoor space. Even your furry friends can get in on the action with our pet-safe plants.

Snake Plants Outside

Sunlight Exposure: Finding the Sweet Spot

Let's talk sunshine! Just like us, some plants adore soaking up rays, while others prefer a bit of shade. Snake Plants, for instance, are pretty flexible – they can handle anything from a shady nook to full-on sunshine. But remember, a gradual tan is best. Start them off in morning sun and afternoon shade to avoid any nasty sunburn.

Palms, on the other hand, are a bit like vampires when it comes to direct sun – they prefer a bit of protection. A covered balcony or a spot under a tree canopy will keep them happy, with plenty of filtered light and shelter from those harsh midday rays. Our palm collection has some beauties that will thank you for a shady spot.

Weathering the Elements: Protecting Your Green Pals

Now, a bit of fresh air is lovely, but you don't want your plants getting battered by the elements. Strong winds can damage delicate leaves and send pots flying. Look for a spot that offers a bit of protection, maybe tucked against a wall or fence.

Don't forget about the rain! Most indoor plants love the extra humidity outdoors, but too much water can lead to root rot and other nasty problems. If your area is prone to torrential downpours (we're talking to you, Devon!), consider a covered area or be prepared to bring them indoors if things get biblical.

Temperature Tantrums: Keeping Your Plants Comfy

The UK summer can be a bit unpredictable, can't it? Scorching one minute, chilly the next. Most houseplants like it mild, somewhere between 15°C and 25°C. So, keep an eye on the forecast – if a heatwave hits, give your plants extra shade and water.

Arranging the Perfect Plant Party

Finally, have a bit of fun arranging your plant party! Consider their different needs and personalities – some like to sprawl out, others prefer a more upright posture. Group plants with similar requirements together, creating a lovely display while making sure everyone gets the care they need.

And remember, keep an eye on your indoor plants while they're on their outdoor adventure. A bit of observation will tell you if they're loving their new spot or need a bit of tweaking. With a little love and attention, you'll be rewarded with happy, healthy plants and a lush outdoor haven to enjoy all summer long.

Indoor Palm Plant

Indoor Outdoor Q&A

Q: How long should my plants get used to the outdoors before I unleash them fully?
A: Take it slow and steady! Give your plants a week or two to acclimatise. Start with a few hours in a shaded spot each day, gradually increasing their time in the sun.

Q: Can all my indoor plants go outside for the summer?
A: Most plants love it, but a few divas might not appreciate the change. Do your research first – Calatheas and some ferns, for example, might prefer to stay indoors.

Q: How often should I water my plants when they're living it up outdoors?
A: It depends! Different plants, different pots, different weather conditions... it's all a bit of a balancing act. Generally speaking, plants get thirstier outside, so check the soil often and water when the top inch feels dry.

Q: What about heatwaves? Can they stay out?
A: If things get sweltering, your plants will need a bit of extra TLC. Move them into some shade, water them more often, and maybe even give them a sun hat (a shade cloth will do the trick!). If it's absolutely scorching, bring them indoors for a bit – it's like a mini-break from their holiday!

Q: Help! My plants are getting attacked by pests!
A: Keep your eyes peeled for aphids, mealybugs, and spider mites. If you spot any of these nasty critters, isolate the affected plant and give it a good clean. You could also try inviting some ladybirds or lacewings into your garden – they love munching on those pesky pests.

Q: Can I still feed my plants while they're on holiday?
A: Absolutely! But be a bit careful – the extra light and warmth can make them grow like mad, so don't go overboard. Stick to the recommended feeding schedule for each plant, and maybe opt for a slow-release or organic fertiliser.

Q: It's a bit windy! How do I protect my plants?
A: Find a sheltered spot for those delicate leaves – against a wall or fence is ideal. Tall plants might need some support (a stake or two can work wonders). If a storm is brewing, consider moving your plants to a safer spot or bringing them indoors for a bit.

Q: Can I leave my plants outside all night?
A: In the summer, you usually can, but it's always worth checking the forecast. If temperatures are set to plummet or a storm is on the way, bring them indoors for a sleepover. Better safe than sorry!

Q: How do I know if my plant is having a hard time adjusting to the outdoors?
A: Look out for any drama queens – wilting leaves, yellowing, dropping leaves, or a sudden stop in their growth. It could mean they're in the wrong spot or need a change of routine.

Q: Can they come back inside when summer's over?
A: Of course! Just give them a quick check for pests or diseases before they move back in, and gradually reintroduce them to indoor life. It's a bit like us coming back from holiday – we need a day or two to adjust!

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