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It's a Rainy Summer - So Buy Houseplants

Oh, the Great British Summer! The season of raincoats, wellies, and brollies. And more rain. The month of July was so drenched, even the ducks started to complain. So what's a sun-starved Brit to do when the skies are as grey as a London pigeon? Buy houseplants, of course!

Welcome to Houseplant UK, the only place where you can save up to a whopping 50% on houseplants and never have to worry about them being washed away in a torrential downpour. Unless, of course, you leave them out in the rain – but why would you when it's raining sideways?


Get Yourself A Monstera – It's Less Monstrous Than the Weather

This summer's meteorological disappointment can't drown the joy of our Monstera plants. They're like tropical holidays for your living room, minus the sunburn. Get one here, and let's pretend we're on a beach somewhere.


Venus Fly Traps – Because The Flies Aren't Taking A Rain Check

With the dampness comes the flies, and what better way to catch 'em than with a Venus Fly Trap? They'll gobble up those annoying insects faster than you can say, "Where's the sun cream?" Grab one from our sale and let it munch away.


Palms – For That Exotic Look Without Leaving Rainy Blighty

Ah, palm plants! Who doesn't love pretending that the sound of rain on the window is actually waves gently lapping at the shore? Our palms won't transport you to Bali, but they're still lovely and up to 50% off here. Go on, give them a "palm."


Hanging Plants – They Don't Mind The Weather, Either

Our Hanging Plants won't make you hang your head in despair. They'll add life to your room and might even make you forget that you needed to wring out your socks after stepping in a puddle. Again. Find them here.


Our Customers Are Smiling – Unlike The Weatherman

With over 2000 5-star reviews and more than 150,000 plants shipped, we're the Best Place to Buy Houseplants Online. But don't just take our word for it. Listen to Susan from Birmingham: "My new Venus Fly Trap loves the rain, and I love Houseplant UK!" Or Tom from Manchester: "I'm spending my summer indoors with my new Monstera. Thanks, Houseplant UK!"


Join Us in the Houseplant UK Sale

So if you're fed up with the rain, the damp, and the British summer living up to its soggy reputation, join us for the Houseplant UK sale. Up to 50% off all houseplants means more green for your pockets and your home.

Here's to a brighter August, full of houseplants and maybe a glimpse of the sun
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