The hidden benefits of houseplants

The hidden benefits of houseplants

Houseplants are gentle decorative showcases of nature's majestic creative flare, and they are great for brightening up your home, making it look more luxurious, vibrant, and natural. Did you know though that they also have an incredible amount of hidden benefits that can change your life? Learn more about how a houseplant can change your life below!


1. Houseplants have been scientifically proven to boost productivity and attention span. 

Looking to finish that long book or tedious project? Studies have shown that houseplants, especially snake plants, palms and philodendrons, can help you to discover that inspiration and drive to push on and achieve great results. 

Houseplants in the business environment are particularly a great investment for this reason - increasing company output and saving money! 


2. They've been proven to reduce stress levels and boost your mood.

Sometimes life can get you down or get a little too busy to feel comfortable. If you're feeling stressed, a houseplant can help remedy that. Not only will a houseplant reduce your stress levels and boost your mood, but that can have the knock on effect of changing your entire life! 


3. Studies show some plants help you to sleep better.

Night owl but not by choice? A scented houseplant, or one that gives off oxygen at night could be the answer to getting those precious Zs. 

Snake Plants, Jasmines, Aloe Veras and Peace Lilies have all been shown to have some stunning sleep benefits that can help you calm down, relax, and enter tomorrow full of energy. 


4. They can reduce skin irritation and help you breathe easier.

In the air at any given time, it's highly likely that you may be breathing in some hidden toxins given off from paint, printer ink and cleaning products. These can build up over time and begin irritating your skin and making it more difficult to breathe. 

Fortunately, Mother Nature has our best interests at heart once again, as a wide range of houseplants can remove these harmful pollutants and reduce irritation. We'd highly recommend English Ivy as it's fantastic at cleaning the air!


Looking for some fresh new houseplants to appreciate some of these fascinating benefits? Discover your next fantastic houseplant from - order online and get your plants delivered to your doorstep!


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