Spider Plant (Chlorophytum) Review

Houseplant rating: ★★★★★
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Buy Curly Spider Plant | Bonnie Houseplant Online

When I think of the Spider Plant (Chlorophytum), a giant grin spreads across my face. Remember those visits to grandma's?  Her cosy home always had a sprawling Spider Plant cascading from the ceiling of her conservatory.  I was obsessed with those baby "spiderlings" dangling from the leaves, like a whole plant family hanging from a web!

A Beginner's Best Friend

If you're a tad nervous about this whole houseplant thing, start here.  Spider Plants are practically foolproof! They're so forgiving and easygoing it's almost embarrassing. When I was a beginner (and let's be honest, sometimes I still act like one!), this plant was my lifeline.  Bright indirect light, a little water when its leaves got droopy...it was the only plant I couldn't manage to kill!

A Prolific Propagator

One of the most awesome things about Spider Plants? Those plantlets!  You can pluck 'em off and create a whole new plant – talk about instant gratification! It's like having a plant with endless plant babies just waiting to be shared. I love gifting them to fellow plant lovers, spreading the joy!

Your Own Personal Air Freshener

Spider Plants aren't just pretty to look at (that being said, their cascading leaves are quite the looker). They're like tiny green superheroes, tackling all those nasty toxins in your home. Perfect for a plant lover like me –  when I come back from a long day at the shop, a breath of clean, plant-filtered air is everything.

A Resilient Companion

We all get a bit chaotic sometimes, right?  Well, plants can feel it too.  But the Spider Plant? It shrugs off any accidental neglect like a champ. I once came back from a long work trip feeling terrible about my abandoned plants.  And there it was, a little wilty but ready to rock with just a splash of water! It's the plant world's reminder that we're all a bit more resilient than we think.

A Versatile Charmer

Let's be real – the Spider Plant works its magic in any home.  Boho vibes? Got it.  Sleek and minimalist? Check. My favourite way to show mine off is in a hanging basket, those leaves spilling over the sides like a green waterfall. But it looks just as fab in a simple pot –  Houseplant.co.uk has a seriously amazing selection of pots and baskets to compliment your new bestie!
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