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Orchids Simple Steps to Success - Royal Horticultural Society

Orchids Simple Steps to Success - Royal Horticultural Society

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Learn how to keep your orchids flowering year-after-year with this complete beginner's guide to growing orchids from the experts at the RHS.

Using clear, step-by-step photography and bite-size nuggets of information, RHS Simple Steps: Orchids demonstrates all aspects of how to care for orchids, including where to position, how and when to water and feed, how to encourage reflowering, and how often to repot. A chapter on displaying orchids provides inspirational ideas for how to show off your plants to best effect and use the strikingly beautiful flowers in creative ways. You will also find an A -Z directory of more than 140 popular and easy-to-grow varieties, packed full of stunning photographs and quick-reference growing advice to help you choose what to grow. Also included is a selection of increasingly popular hardy varieties for those looking to plant an outdoor orchid garden. Dispelling the myths and demonstrating how easy it can be to keep your orchids thriving, RHS Simple Steps: Orchids is certain to get you hooked on growing these spectacular and exotic flowering plants.

On the back:

Easy ways to grow orchids for year-round enjoyment

  • Simple advice on choosing orchids for your home and garden for dazzling decorative effect
  • Step-by-step guides show you exactly what to do to keep them looking their best and to encourage reflowering
  • Stunning A-Z photographic gallery with in-depth plant profiles and expert tips and techniques to guarantee success
  • For gardening that gets results

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