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Succulents make fabulous house plants! They are generally super easy to care for, whilst being great air-purifying plants. They do this by taking in carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen.

By choosing a succulent as your next house plant, you’re choosing an easy to care for plant that stores water in the leaves. Perfect if you are away from home for a few days  - they will cope just fine with being watered a little less frequently. For a real geeky plant-parent moment… The name ‘succulent’ comes from the Latin ‘Succulentus’ which can be translated loosely as ‘having juice’.

The great thing with having a succulent as an indoor plant is that they really do offer their own art in your home or office. Each has a different display to offer, so if you’re looking for a sculptural, designer or interesting plant to give house space to – then a succulent house plant is perfect for you.  

You can order succulent house plants on our website for national house plant delivery. Take a look through our indoor plant range below.